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Compilation - ADN MUSIC

Sortie le 20/12/2017

Psygressive Darkpsy Forest Twilight Psybass

ADN Music presents the second episode of ADN Chronicles : the Horned God.

The Chronicles series present the annual label compilation gathering all our producers each time around a different mythological background.
This year, we continue our explorations of ancient legends with the mysterious figure of the Celtic god Cernunnos, Lord of the Wild Things. He represents the biological cycle of nature, reflecting simultaneously life and death, the seeding and the decay, depicted by the ancients with the antlers of a stag, growing at spring and falling at autumn.

Cults of the Horned God can be traced back to Mesolithic era and is shared among many pre-Indo-European cultures. In fact, Cernunnos shows disturbing similarities with Pashupati, an old incarnation of Shiva as “Lord of the Cattle” still worshiped in Nepal. Just like the Vedic gods, Cernunnos is seating cross-legged and holds symbolic objects in his hands like the torque and the ram-headed snake. He’s also sometime depicted as a three-faced god, remembering once again Shiva.

The origins of the Celt people are uncertain, but the Kurgan theory, among others clues, gives a common root to Indian & European cultures. In these times of closed borders and fear of others, it is essential to remember that Humanity has always been made of migrations and mingling.
This selection of ten tracks depicts this infinite story of birth & death, the perpetual movement allowing the continuity of Life. What else do we celebrate when we dance?

Created with love by ADN Music family
Polished and Mastered by Studio de la Maison Rouge (ADN)
Ornated and illustrated by GhashGhaie (ADN)