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Live Act Darkpsy Downtempo

Nibana is the project of Kevin B., a French producer based in Paris. Influenced by Pink Floyd, Tool, Aphex Twin & some others from the young age of 10, Kevin began self-taught production by playing every instruments he could find. He started to create and play any style of music he liked without any limits.
From the creation of a Metal band, to his electronic projects, multiple influences can be found in all Nibana's lives-act, from his melodic & warm Chillout side (Psybient/Downtempo) including a lot of guitare work, to his total opposite industrial & intelligent Dark side (Forest/Darkpsy).

In 2014 he released his first chillout album called "Ask The Universe" on Maia Brasil Records. Without any expectations, this one had about 15 000 downloads in less than 3 months and raised him at the top 3 of best upcoming artist on, also top 1 chill album on reddit /psybient/ & top monthly charts of Ektoplazm.

Now he's focusing on a series of Psytrance albums which are going to welcome some big headliners of the scene such as Ajja, Electrypnose, Mark Day, Chris Rich, Dark Elf, Dark Whisper, Angry Luna & others ...

Nibana also recently started 2 new projects, one Techy Psygressive with Kloud Nin9 called Svaha Project, and a solo IDM/Psycore/Hitech project called MEH.

He already had the chance to perform with a friend in some top festival like Ozora Festival (Hungary), All Stars Festival (Canada), Shankra Festival (Switzerland) and is actually collaboring (or had collaborated) with well based artists like LAB, Astropilot, Radioactive Sandwich, Maluns, Sephira, Otkun, Ivort & others ...

His tracks will take you on a journey from the highest & light places to the deeply and obscure abyss of your brain.