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Fighting Shadows

Live Act Psytrance

Fighting Shadows is a French psytrance music producer.
He started to mix psytrance music in 1994.
His influences come from differents kinds of music such as : Bad Company, Optical Ed rush, Pendululm, Illegal Machine, Synthetik Chaos, Bombax, Noir Desir etc........ and Bom Shanka Music !!!

He aims to keep your mind in a positive energy with psychedelic sounds , melodies and groovy bass lines.

In 2013, after 8 years of drum & bass production, he is back in psytrance world !!!!

He has already released some tracks on several labels including ADN music, Sangoma, and has collaborated with some killa artists such as Synthetik Chaos, FX23, Illegal Machines, Eden Lake, he performs in many countries in europe ..... An EP with his friend Illegal Machine is ready for 2016 on bom shanka music and more on ADN music !