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VJ Mapping Motion design

Xamaru is the psychedelic side-project of Lucas Lejeune, a french visual artist based in Brussels. Involved in drawing, graphic design, writing and various digital art form since his early life, he only started to generate and play his own visuals at psytrance events in 2010, in Switzerland.
Since then, he kept creating more mezmerizing loops and refining his live-compositing setup, as well as growing some sweet mapping skills on the way. He is now active mainly around Brussels and Paris, and started working with the ADN crew in 2014.
He played at Timegate (360, 10th, Symbiosis), Sun Festival 2014, Hadra festival 2015, Creatures of the Moon, Tribal Colors, High Frequencies, Translucid 2, amongst many smaller parties.
Running on Resolume Arena, he generates most of his personnal stuff with Quartz Composer and After Effects, which he massively shares for free on the VJ exchange platform (best uploader of 2015), thus spreading his creations far beyond the limits of the parties where he plays.
As an early-bored by the classic mandala/mirror approach of psy VJing, he now stands for a more sci-fi/hi-tech aesthetic in his sets. Expect weird organic creatures, tricky alien interfaces, morphing fractal landscapes and ancient robotic artefacts to land in and twist your trip.
As long as the music is good, you'll see him standing focused, pressing pads and twisting knobs at the pace of a growling bassline to slowly unfold his unique visual multiverse into your very neurons.